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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sassys news

Good morning my sweets......hast the weather been glorious we went for a drive to a small village near us Knowle where a friend i have known for years has set up her thriving business she is one very talented girl so popped into her new shop and tea rooms but she wasn't in...bummer still it was on the off chance to she Gillian here's her link her corsets are amazing


have a look at her creations and her new catwalk cafe
i was very impressed when i went in felt like the old fashioned back in time tea rooms
waitresses in black and White

On to me .....another little creation which i actually found harder to make even though its a simple design with no base but chuffed to mint balls as it sold on eBay last night so need to get it packed and ready to go i do hope she likes it when she wears it i used simnay for the bow and added a broach for some detail a piece if widows veiling added a comb underneath  ..my wrist is playing up on the colouring front yet its fine when i sew and considering i don't use a machine anymore I'm surprised  found using the machine didn't give me the finish i wanted perhaps my machine days are too rusty cant get a straight line lol!!!!! anyway i have been making a few more getting a bit braver ...wonder what i will do when i make my first million .....oh would that be something....
my shoes sold too i bought them awhile ago for a couple of quid and because they were plain i altered them with Swiss lace ribbon and broaches they sold for a healthy  29-00p which for me is brilliant...OK i know it may take time for the first million hehehe butim not bothered about the money....I'm just Happy people like them
right off for a coffee....ill besnooping round blogland in a while thanks for calling in
hugs sassyxxxxx


  1. another lovely hat and shoes........ where is the link for the tea shop..???? think you forgot it lol

  2. Sooooooo fabulous Sassy :) Viv xx


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