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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

HIYA .....

Hi sweeties just poppign to say  hiya and miss you all.....haven't been idle although it is with regret i  have finished my DT work with my lovely teamies at Crafty catz as my health has had another twist.....and i'm off into hospital on the 15th August for a op on my head....wont bore you with the details  but im scared...but im sure i will be ok..my tumour has grown and it needs to come out so you can understand im not in a colouring mood as my left eye is affected so till they sort me out i can then get some new specs but haven't been idle and still trying to make my little hats and pleased there selling well...better than i thought getting a few commissions and have just sent one of those off today...do hope she likes it ???.....any hows just a couple of new ones to show you i hope you like????? doing more of the playful rockabilly hats at the moment too and there are being well received just been to my local craft place and bought some more pretty material and bits and bobs fab little shop full of goodies..right love and leave you all for the time being will pop nto your blogs WHEN my blog roll tells me i have some saved blogs as yet it says im not following any...er cuse me i have loads of fav places.......hugs of the big sassy kind to you all and i so miss my girls at crafty Catz......sooooo much....but i needed to keep my health in tow and not over stretch my eyes.....

Black spot tulle 

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

New altered shoe

Hope you might like these 
Leave you with my newest altered shoes quite plain with bling

Sunday, 21 July 2013

More Htas Rokabilly

Just wanted to see if my sticky has stuck LOL!!!!!!!!......if so aunty sue i love you if not im coming to get you....... here are some more hats....

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Just gotta have PINK!!!!!!

Hiyas....well just finished another pair of shoes...size 4 in pink...now theres something different ...these were fabby shoes but very badly different colours on straps was going to bin them as i could really sell them but you know me i just cant chuck anything so had a go...and as the straps were the main issue i found some pink ribbon the right width hey,,were beginning to roll with the idea of pink...... i had a small amount of very pale pink lace just enough to do them and made chiffon roses added charms from primark bracelets i bought ages ago they sorta shouted to each other with the pinks in and perfecto i actually  love em hope you do too.....
thought id pop these in anything goes challenges

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Black Velvet

Afternoon my bunnies ..WoW!!!!! what a scorcher sassy is very hot indeedy..and again i have been playing at hats..my newest is black velvet very elegant and understated un fussy hope you like it i have just sold the pink one on eBay so delighted they seem to be doing ok...happy sassy.....very hot walking round work.. mad dogs and a english man walk out in the midday sun springs to mind....gosh showing my years arnt i ?so know happily singing this in my head...argggg it wont go for ages now.......right not alot to waffle on about today so love and leave you thanks so much for all your support hugs sassyxxxxxx

Monday, 15 July 2013

Wedding bag and wedding Dress circa 80's

Morning my sweets...well another day back in Paradise,,oh what fun and layer a trip to the post office to get these shoes i made delivered and to add a personal touch and a thank you i made a cotton draw string with ribbon and lace to store the shoes or a nicer way to transport them to fittings or the venue if travelling i hope she likes my little extra gift.....
speak son off to work hi ho hi ho its off to work  i go.........

but just before i go i found this old picci of a wedding dree i made back in the early 80;s modelled by my fifteen old daughter at the time i made the veil ..tiara and flowers too....wish i could find the others as it had a big bow,,,on her bum as was the trend back thenlol!!!
hugs sassy xxxxxx

Sunday, 14 July 2013

So Thrilled shes wearing MY HAT ...introducing Ashleigh

Just received email from a young girl who asked me to make her a lace hat of course i didn't say no...and so thrilled to get her piccis

My Word doesn't she look stunning.........my commission don't look bad either lol!!!!

I am  one very happy bunnie...and i think Ashleighs picci says it all too........sassy hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sassys news

Good morning my sweets......hast the weather been glorious we went for a drive to a small village near us Knowle where a friend i have known for years has set up her thriving business she is one very talented girl so popped into her new shop and tea rooms but she wasn't in...bummer still it was on the off chance to she Gillian here's her link her corsets are amazing


have a look at her creations and her new catwalk cafe
i was very impressed when i went in felt like the old fashioned back in time tea rooms
waitresses in black and White

On to me .....another little creation which i actually found harder to make even though its a simple design with no base but chuffed to mint balls as it sold on eBay last night so need to get it packed and ready to go i do hope she likes it when she wears it i used simnay for the bow and added a broach for some detail a piece if widows veiling added a comb underneath  ..my wrist is playing up on the colouring front yet its fine when i sew and considering i don't use a machine anymore I'm surprised  found using the machine didn't give me the finish i wanted perhaps my machine days are too rusty cant get a straight line lol!!!!! anyway i have been making a few more getting a bit braver ...wonder what i will do when i make my first million .....oh would that be something....
my shoes sold too i bought them awhile ago for a couple of quid and because they were plain i altered them with Swiss lace ribbon and broaches they sold for a healthy  29-00p which for me is brilliant...OK i know it may take time for the first million hehehe butim not bothered about the money....I'm just Happy people like them
right off for a coffee....ill besnooping round blogland in a while thanks for calling in
hugs sassyxxxxx

Friday, 12 July 2013

Altered shoes NOW SOLD

Hiyas my sweets my latest altered shoes used open work crochet lace kept them simple added satin bow and brooach and some saparkle on heels....and my new watermark very faint but its different 
lots of Friday Hugs sassyxx

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Red Velvet a fight

ARGGGGGGGGGG!!!!.........hiyas i forgot to post this one of  my latest  creations and today she did the tour of a few residents opinions....one lady wants it and has clearly gave me instructions not to sell it ...then had a email from ebay as it was on there a while she wants one the same or similar ....THEN!!!! one of my other ladies asked me today if she could buy it.....so FIGHT!!!!!!.......and of course knowing me so well i shall be making red velvet hats for the next few days......and trying to kame them a little different as after all they are supposed to be unique 

proud to say SOLD...three times heheheheh sassy hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx

Pretty Flower Bouquest

Hello me sweeties... i have been planning on making a posy broach bouquet for some time and finally im nearly at the end of my quest hehe.....i wanted different flowers than roses and have a love for peonies..these were the nearest to peonies i found and the name of them has gone puff!!!! straight out my head....so answers on a post card?....i wanted the greens for some silly reason even i cant think off and settled for variegated and block greens in the bridal and block green and a few white variegated in brides maid posy i have trimmed on handle but don't like it much so that will have to change i also added wired pearls which kills my poor fingers all the twisting..but think a small sprinkling off them works....i shall be putting this on my main blog also ..would love some new followers so sassy needs yo open her mouth and shout i know my things i make wont interest lots of peeps and not their cuppa tea...and thanks you all that are following me on this new experience...I'm so grateful all 14 off you are around ..ill pay the fiver i bribed you all to follow me...hahahha only joking lots of sassy hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 7 July 2013

My New Venture & a quirky rockabilly hat

Just another quicker maiking sure its all and running ok ..a little quirky number

commission shoes....now sold

Hope you will join me introducing Top to toe now sold

Hiya my sweets this is of course you know who....i have  decide to keep my hats and shoes and anythng else i start to create on this my new blog it took this title from mc crafty so here it is my good buddie  Kevin welcome to  Top to Toe....  and hopefully i might even have a few hints and tips along the way who knows i might even do a tutorial OMG has this woman gone completely bonkers well hang around and judge for your self...
                        New shoes covered in antique lace brooches and butterflies on the back
          lots of the normal sassy hugs now just got to play around and get the LO ok...mmmmmm need something romantic...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx